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Philanthropy Friday: Camille Styles

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Camille Styles is the founder and creative director of popular lifestyle blog, where she shares the creative entertaining ideas that inspire her parties and her life. Camille is also a regular lifestyle contributor to media outlets like HGTV, Cooking Channel and DIY Network, and does styling work for national brands like Kate Spade New York, Minted and DeBeers. Her modern aesthetic and eye for detail come together to create parties that are simply chic and all about fun.

1. How long have you lived in Austin? 6 very happy years.

2. What do you do for work? founder and creative director of lifestyle website

3. What are your favorite nonprofits? LifeWorks and Livestrong.

4. What motivates you to be philanthropic? Every single one of us has a responsibility to give back to our communities, no matter where our stage in life or what our financial means. We all have something of value to contribute – no excuses! Looking at all the amazing blessings in my life, and seeing the great needs of so many, is incredibly motivating. And the funny thing is – when we give of ourselves (our time, our money, our talents) we always end up getting back an even greater gift.

5. How do you give back? I’ve always contributed financially to the causes I care about, as well as volunteered my time, but having my daughter earlier this year has opened my eyes in a new way to the needs of so many mothers and babies in need in our community. One of my goals for 2013 is to find a meaningful way to help this underserved group.

6. How do you plan on teaching these values of giving back to the community to your growing family? The only way to do it is by example! I’ll never forget my mom driving us around doing Meals on Wheels when I was growing up… forming relationships with elderly people in need of hot meals and a good conversation left an indelible impression on me, and I can’t wait to share these experiences of helping others by giving of myself with my own children. I want to show her that a little sacrifice of time and money can make a huge difference in another’s life and is an equally great blessing to the giver as well!

7. What advice would you give organizations that are putting on a gala? Do something different! I think a lot of gala organizers feel like they should stick to the “formula” of what they’ve seen before, but the current and future generations of philanthropists are all about new experiences and creativity! The parties that people really remember (and want to attend the next year!) are the ones where they let loose and really had fun.

8. What are your three favorite event tools? Pinterest (see my boards here!), piñatas and prosecco.

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