Citizen Generation



To continue on our mission of creating the habit of giving, we need your support. Ranging from financial opportunities to in kind donations, we offer an array of customizable sponsorships.

Please email Development Director Melissa Matherne at [email protected] more information.

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Focusing on young professionals ages 25 to 45, Citizen Generation’s attendees are educated, well informed, and spending time out and about at Austin’s hippest restaurants, shops, and events. Engaged in a wide array of professions ranging from real estate to media and law, they are looking at ways to get involved, with 82% wanting to volunteer and 79% seeking additional education about nonprofits. Living all across central Austin, our audience is composed of the future leaders and top philanthropists.

“Giving patterns are established at a young age. Though it may be true that reaching younger donors is not as profitable for your short-term ROFI (Return on Fundraising Investment), their propensity to give more frequently can yield impressive results as they age and have more readily available income for charitable giving.” – Grizzard Communications Group, 2009